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Education Services

What We Do

We're passionate about education and continually learning.  We also believe that the successful education of our youth is a critical factor in the future success of our nation.  As such, we're honored to have the opportunity to serve public education institutions through discounted service offerings.

Student Growth Modeling

In Illinois, the PERA legislation requires public school districts to include Student Growth as a significant component of teacher evaluation.  Izzy Blythe, Inc. offers school districts coaching on data collection design as well as student growth modeling.  We understand that teachers have influence on a student's growth, but that there are also multiple influencing factors that are outside of the teacher and school district's scope of control.  Our expertise in predictive modeling allows us to generate value-added growth models at a teacher category level.  These models help to remove the influence of outside factors and better identify the amount of impact a teacher had on individual students' growth. 

Teacher Evaluation System

The PERA Legislation requires teacher evaluations to be comprised of Student Growth and Professional Practice, and offers some flexibility in the amount each element plays in the overall evaluation score.  While we offer Student Growth Services as an individual offering, we also offer a total data solution for the teacher evaluation.  This is a single system for recording and combining both the Professional Practice and Student Growth components of the required teacher evaluations. 

Study Design, Measurement and Analysis Training

With districts being under ever increasing demands on stagnant to decreasing budgets, it becomes imperative to know if the efforts consuming your limited time and resources are effectively achieving the desired results.  Whether for Rti, or other improvement efforts, we can provide key members of a school district's staff training in how to design a study and how to plan for the measurement and subsequent analysis.  

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