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We are a data science consultancy focused on translating our clients’ data into maximum value and competitive advantage.  

Our data science team effectively combines a deep knowledge of statistics, an advanced understanding of data architecture, production ready programming skills and a passion for engaging visualizations. We understand that the beauty of an analysis isn't in its complexity, but in its ability to drive practical and sustainable improvements.


While data scientists can easily provide project level returns on investment in the double and triple digits, McKinsey Global Institute estimates that demand for this type of talent will exceed supply by between 140,000 and 190,000 over the next four years. As McKinsey puts it, “developing deep analytical skills requires an intrinsic aptitude in mathematics for starters, and then takes years of training.”


At Izzy Blythe, we offer clients a reliable and effective alternative to attempting to recruit and retain data scientists internally.  We provide a full spectrum of services from direct data science consulting to targeted trainings custom built to meet your team’s specific needs. 


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