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Business Services

What We Do

We believe, truly and deeply believe, analytics is a transformative force.  Through its appropriate and balanced application, we can work with your team to create more efficient processes, improve promotion effectiveness and ultimately build a more profitable and sustainable business.  Just like the virtuoso’s technical mastery of her instrument allows her to flex her creativity, a strong and practical analytical base allows one to unlock, not constrain, creativity in business.


While we’re passionate about the power of analytics, we also understand that beautifully constructed, but practically infeasible models hold no value in the applied world and that rapidly implemented minor to moderate improvements tend to beat out major, yet extremely slow, improvements. To us, analytics in an applied discipline, not a theoretical or academic exercise.  

Data Science Consulting

Data science projects can cover a wide spectrum of potential advanced analytics approaches, and tend to be most valuable when customized to a client’s specific needs.  As such, these services can range from custom predictive model creation to the analysis of employee communication patterns to custom text analytics solution generation.  We like to start with the end in mind, understanding exactly what a client is truly looking for, no matter how infeasible it may seem at the time to them.   This approach allows us to right fit our advanced analytics approaches and solutions to ensure proper alignment and value generation.

Targeted Trainings

We provide targeted and customized training to three levels of audiences: analysts, managers and executive.  


For the analyst level, we can provide standard education or complete a skills assessment and create a targeted training plan.  The focus for this level is the rapid improvement in applied and functional skills.


For the manager level, we provide an augmented version of key elements from the analyst level training.  The focus for this level is to help managers either managing analytical staff or requesting data, analyses or reports from analytical staff to better understand the outputs of key analytical approaches.  This knowledge can help empower managers to ask more pointed questions, understand results more quickly and question results and interpretations that seem strange.


For the executive level, we focus on executive coaching, providing rapid response via email and phone for questions and needs posed at an executive level.  We can help an executive interpret analytical results and frame analytical requests for their organization's analyst’s team.  

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