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Simulating your costs


At Izzy Blythe, Inc., we provide custom built predictive models and student growth reports for each of our clients.  We take into account the influencing factors that impact a student’s growth, but are outside of the teacher’s control. We also understand that there is a huge difference between a major metropolitan school district and a small rural district.  As such, we create custom models for each of our clients.  This helps us make sure we’re providing you the best fitting models possible for your specific situation and data environment.  By doing this, we’re able to provide your district student specific growth projections at the assessment level.  That means your district can affordably have expected growth figures for every student in every class for both PERA required assessments.  By approaching student growth in this manner, we’ll help you turn your district’s data into a valuable and actionable asset.  We’ll also help your teaching staff spend more time in the classroom instructing and mentoring students and less time bogged down in the business of education. 

Our pricing approach is pretty simple. We begin with a startup phase. The price for this phase is based upon things like the size of your district, your current data environment and the amount of travel required to meet your district’s specific needs.  While we can’t give you a firm quote through a simulator like this, we’re happy to provide you a range.  It is our policy to discuss through the various factors impacting a district’s startup costs and then provide a firm quote.  By firm quote, we mean that our quoted price and the price you end up paying for the startup phase will not differ.  It’s kind of a “what you see is what you get” approach to pricing.  No surprises, period.

After the startup work is completed, we move into the reporting, support and maintenance phase.  In this phase, we deliver your customized student growth reports on your district specific delivery schedule.  We also provide support as needed and refresh your models each summer to make sure you start each year with the best possible version of your student growth models.


We believe our combination of data science, performance improvement and communications expertise positions us perfectly to help you define your student growth approach in a manner that is clear, efficient and easily understood by all involved.  Our clients have told us, and we’re confident you’ll agree, our approach provides your professional teaching staff as well as your administration an affordable peace of mind. 


To the right, you’ll find a price simulator.  In addition to our services, we’ve included estimated costs for a student/assessment level growth goal approach as well as a more standard SLO based approach.  In order to compare apples-to-apples, you really need to look at what it would cost your district to create growth expectations for every student in each of the two PERA required assessments for every teacher in your district. But, we understand different districts have different needs.  As such, please use the simulator not only to see what it would cost you to internally create a comparable level of service, but also what it would cost you to simply be compliant with the requirements and everything in between.  With questions about any variable, click the little blue information icon and a popup with a variable description will appear.


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